Company History


EDGE Architects is the collaborative partnership of architects Pamela Freund and Ken Anderson with a varying support team. Both partners contribute to all phases of design and production on nearly all projects. We began our architectural careers working with large firms on the east coast, moving to Taos, New Mexico in 1990 to focus on sustainable design. After completing our Architectural internships in Taos designing off-grid homes and sustainable communities. Pam started EDGE in 1994 with Ken joining her the following year.

Since 1994 we have completed more than 162 built projects in New Mexico, Colorado, California and Nebraska, nearly all of them with a passive solar emphasis. Our projects have been built using straw bales, pumice-crete, adobe brick, continuous adobe (Cob), Rastra block, Eco-bales, telephone poles, and rammed earth tires. Many of these have integrated photovoltaic, catch water, and/or greywater re-use systems. We try to incorporate natural or recycled materials in all phases of construction, and we are always seeking and researching new products and techniques. Our involvement in those projects has included design services, complete construction supervision, on-site instruction and guidance and in many cases, hands-on construction.

As owner/builders, we designed and built our own off-the-grid earth-rammed tire home just outside of Taos that we lived in from 1995 to 2001. Our current residence is an adobe home that we added onto and remodeled to meet high sustainability standards.

Our office electricity is provided by solar panels.