Design / Build


On a limited basis we are able to offer a Design/Build option to our clients. As a licensed General Contractor we can oversee the complete construction process and provide the Owner the unique situation of having the Architect on site everyday.

EDGE Design/Build is a harmony of architect and contractor, rather than a just a partnership. We are a single entity that works directly with Owners, eliminating the need for an outside General Contractor, and eliminating the possibility of misinterpreting the original architectural design and owner intent. Since we do not represent the client to the contractor there is no need to translate ideas, meaning a tone of savings for the owner.

During construction the collaboration between Architect and Owner extends to include the Artisans and Craftsmen doing the hands-on work. The process allows the Owner unique access to all aspects of construction.

We are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to create beautiful, safe, and comfortable spaces for our clients, and to give them a sense of pride of place. We do not cut corners and we remain efficient in executing the client’s desires. Our responsibilities extended beyond architectural design because we oversee the entire project, from the initial design process, through construction, until project completion.

The photographs below show some of the amazing Artisans, Craftsmen and Owners that we’ve been fortunate to work with.