Design Process

We feel that designs are best executed as true collaborations between owners and Architects. At EDGE we are determined to work closely with owners to define the best program and budget, while also discussing their aesthetic and spiritual hopes.

We welcome owners input by transforming their sketches, photographs, magazine clippings, etc. into digital (and in some cases physical) three-dimensional models. These models help owners visualize the completed project and help us study potential solar gain and shading within the site. We believe that attention to the relationship between building and site helps to ensure respect for our natural resources, and therefore we begin each project with an assessment of the natural systems of a site. We orient the building to best utilize the site’s most desirable views, while considering the natural flow of sun, wind, and water, to reduce or eliminate a dependence on mechanical heating/cooling systems and daytime lighting. We use materials that are locally available, indigenous, and natural. We are open to new ideas, different methods and unusual materials such as recycled or re-used materials reclaimed from waste streams.

We believe that it is essential that owners feel they can lay claim to the home as their own. We translate site and project goals into a built environment that inspires you while also satisfying your functional and aesthetic requirements, giving way to a project that is both unique and innovative.